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The Public Transport Fundamentals course is a three day course that aims to provide fundamental knowledge on public transport as part of sustainable urban mobility, combining UITP’s international knowledge with local experience in delivering quality and sustainable public transport. The course also provides opportunities for participants to take part in interactive discussions and to share their experiences.

The target audience for the Public Transport Fundamentals course includes graduates, junior managers and senior professionals who are new to the field of public transport.

The course objectives are to:

  • Provide participants with fundamental knowledge on public transport and sustainable urban mobility, and explain the importance of public transport
  • Allow exchange of knowledge by tapping into UITP’s international expertise with local ‘on the ground’ operational experience  
  • Present basic definitions related to the organisation, administration and operation of public transport and illustrate them with examples
  • Increase awareness of main issues related to urban mobility
  • Provide a conducive platform for networking opportunities and interaction amongst participants

The course is held over three days and features presentations from government and industry professionals as well as UITP staff.

Further details will be released closer to the course date.

Quotes from previous trainees

“For me the training programme on public transport fundamentals has two key advantages. Firstly, it offers you a concise but thorough overview of all aspects and parties involved in the public transport sector in only three days. Secondly, you have the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from all over the world. This course gives you a good feeling of what public transport is all about. I would definitely recommend it to everyone new to this sector!”

“This course has given me a thorough understanding of all issues that influence public transport delivery. It will serve me well in my career ahead. Very good and knowledgeable presenters.”

“A must-attend programme to understand the fundamentals of public transport. 5* to the programme.”




To be announced closer to the course date.

An example program is provided below. Note the finalised program for the Sydney Public Transport Fundamentals Course may differ from this.

Day 1 - Morning

Welcome and Introduction
Public Transport and the City
Integrated Public Transport Policy Development
Public Transport in Local Context
Lunch (provided)

Day 1 - Afternoon 

Public Transport modes and the modal choice issue
Introduction to Group Exercise

Day 2 - Morning

Public Transport Organisation, Regulation and Contracts
Marketing, Customer Service & Quality Management
PT in Local Context 
Lunch (provided)

Day 2 - Afternoon 

Technical Site Visit

Day 3 - Morning

Funding, financing and pricing for public transport
Public Transport Safety and Security
Network Operation & Service Planning
Lunch (provided)

Day 3 - Afternoon 

Group Presentations
Panel Discussion
Conclusions & Evaluation 


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